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Deal sharing and warm inbounds

We boil the deal sharing process down to a couple of clicks, so you can in good conscience pass on amazing founders, knowing they will find a better fit elsewhere.


How does this feature work?

Startups receive a fit (%), where we match their startup's application to your investment thesis and criteria.

If an application isn't a fit for you currently, you can easily share that startup's application with other people in your network, or other people in the Pitchr ecosystem.

Sharing with Pitchr ecosystem:

If they are apart of the Pitchr ecosystem already, they will simply receive a link to the specific deal on their web-app, as well as a notification in the web-app itself. The application info and pitch deck is embedded in the web-app, so they don't have to download it.

Sharing externally:

When you share the deal with them in the Pitchr web-app, we will automatically send them an email containing all of the startup's relevant information from their application, as well as their pitch deck as an attachment.

Sharing internally:

This feature can also be used for internal deal sharing purposes. If you are apart of a larger team or syndicate, you can use this to circulate and coordinate internal deal flow, so that your team can focus on what is important.

Why do we have this feature?

Time scarce, deal flow plentiful:

VCs, angels, and accelerators often get thousands of inbound deals every year, and only invest in a very small percentage of those deals. The vast majority of those inbound deals might not be a good fit for you currently, and you are probably too busy to help them find other relevant investor partners - and that's ok. Some would argue that this feature is for the altruistic investor. We think it's for those with common courtesy that want to help founders along the rocky path that is building a startup. The many hours (and unfortunately often $$$) founders spend on finding relevant investors, making an appealing pitch deck, and trying to get warm intros are often done in vain - we think founders deserve better, and we think you do too. You can help give them that extra push in the right direction with Pitchr's deal sharing feature.



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