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Source relevant deals, flawlessly.

Are you manually filtering through thousands of deals every year, just to find those hidden gems that are thesis-relevant? Pitchr helps you do that, without all of the exhausting leg work.


How does this feature work?

We have built a custom algorithm that allows you to:

1) Scrape relevant information from pitch decks

2) Map that information so it can be matched to your investment thesis and criteria

3) Predict a fit (%) to highlight relevant deals, and filter out irrelevant deals.

This feature is automatically built into your Pitchr application form, so founders spend less time filling out basic information, and more time building.

Why do we have this feature?

Manually filtering through thousands of investment opportunities is an unnecessarily time consuming process. This is time you and your investment associates could use to focus on the stuff that really matters, like scrolling through memes on Twitter and posting startup advice on LinkedIn.

Jokes aside - the Pitchr algorithm will help you determine what inbound deal flow is actually worth your time.



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