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Customizable application forms

Build your own custom application forms so you can make sure all of the leads in your pipeline are pre-qualified by Pitchr. We determine a fit (%) for the application when we match it with your investment thesis and criteria, so you can focus on the deals that matter.


How does this feature work?

Our web-app has a built in application form builder, where you can customize your application forms so you can help us pre-qualify the type of startup you are looking for. You can choose between 4 types of Q&A: 1) Short text answer, 2) Long text answer, 3) Multiple choice, and 4) Drop-down options. Determine the importance (none, low, medium, high) of the answer for your thesis and investment criteria, and we will factor that into our matching algorithm.

If our algorithm scrapes information from the pitch deck that answers your questions, we will automatically fill that out for the startup (don't worry, they get to confirm every detail they enter).

When you are finished creating your custom application form, you can publish the application form as a link (which you can then post on your socials etc.), or you can choose to embed the application form into your website.

Why do we have this feature?

By having custom application forms built through Pitchr, we can better control the quality of deals that flow through your pipeline. All deals that come through your application has been analyzed by our algorithm, so we can determine which deals are worth your time, and which aren't a fit for your investment thesis and criteria currently.



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